The Technical Committee was founded by UNPAC’s Board of Directors in 2013 and its members are professionals working for member companies that are the expression of the Italian excellence in research. Its strategic objective is that of involving all players, suppliers and customers to define a working table connected to national and local facilities in order to overcome the difficulties that have been significantly affecting the leather industry.

In 2015, they developed and published a paper entitled “LEATHER CHEMICALS GUIDELINES” dealing with the determination of chemicals not allowed in products for leather processing, with the purpose of establishing a dialogue between chemical suppliers and tanneries.

In 2015, UNPAC was called to join in the new UNI Projects/ISOlutions system assuming the role of UNI/CT 013 Technical Body Member "Leather, hides and leather goods" of UNI, the Italian Standards Organisation. In September 2017, UNPAC promoted and obtained the establishment of the LEATHER CHEMICALS WORKING GROUP within Table 013, communicating the Coordinator chosen in our own Technical Committee, and thereby becoming active players in the tables of decision makers, i.e. with the CEN (European) and ISO (International) international standards.

As for Sustainability, the Carbon Footprint and LCA mapping of tanning auxiliary chemicals is underway in order to achieve and regulate a shared and sustainable calculation model.


Braggion Pierluigi, Meucci Andrea
Lombardia - Piemonte:
Giovando Samuele, Manfredini Michele, Affaticati Valeria
Lovato Giancarlo, Pellegrini Tomaso
Castellacci Alberto, De Santis Massimo, Girolami Riccardo,
Nencioni Giulia, Nuti Franca
Troisi Francesco


Technical Commission UNI/CT 013 "Cuoio, Pelli e Pelletteria"
Coordinator: Nuti Franca
De Santis Massimo, Giovando Samuele,Girolami Riccardo,
Maggioni Maurizio, Troisi Francesco

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