UNPAC is the National Association that gathers the Italian leather chemicals manufacturers; it has become an integral part of the leather industrial chain establishing an ongoing relationship with the other components of the sector of reference at domestic and international level. Founded in July 2009, it is an association formed by Italian enterprises strong and flexible in professionally meeting customer's requests and ready to safeguard the common interests of their area of expertise.

To face the issues of the international markets, UNPAC intends to give a common voice to the Italian enterprises which manufacture tanning auxiliaries that, in a system able to activate strong internal synergies for an open comparison with the other components of the industrial sector, contributed to consolidate the role of leader, internationally recognized, of the Italian industry of the tanning sector

In a more and more competitive market, preserving the history and the patrimony of the industrial culture sharing the common needs of global promotion and productive flexibility becomes a priority; it is upon these bases that UNPAC intends to promote the Italian competences in the customized formulation of tanning-chemical auxiliaries towards the domestic and international tanning customers. The productive know-how and the support services offered ensure the highest quality standards, result of a close collaboration among supplier-manufacturer-consumer, with particular care towards the issues of business sustainability.

Over 50 years of industrial history have strengthened the specialization of the Italian enterprises in realizing top formulates; the increasing demand of advanced articles, constant need in the manufacturing field, pushed our enterprises to a continuous commitment in investing in innovative technological solutions. UNPAC aims at amplifying the image of an industrial reality of excellence able to express unique innovation levels, while respecting the autonomy of the single members.

The proven experience in the daily activity of supporting the tanneries, aimed at overcoming customer's applicative issues, let our enterprises develop an excellent network of applicative labs, essential supports to warrant productions in keeping with high quality protocols internationally recognized .

The excellence in the formulation of customized chemical products is the result of the exchange of competences and of the support to the Italian and international tanning companies during process' stages; an experience that warrants productive capabilities in line with the most modern needs of environmental compatibility and sustainability.

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