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Curated by UNPAC’s Market Observatory

The Italian sector dedicated to tanning chemicals is composed of 184 companies, of which 50 are equipped with production and formulation facilities and the others mainly conduct application-commercial activities. The total also includes 22 multinational companies, which have an Italian subsidiary with a significant share of their overall turnover coming from business carried out on our territory...Read More


A Global Strategic Business Report

In order to pursue our goal of providing member companies with the right tools to implement internationalisation strategies, UNPAC has acquired an important dossier that analyses the issues related to the global market of tanning chemicals.

A careful reading of this dossier will provide interesting information, insights on the chemicals sector and on the future developments in the leather industry. Read Abstract

To request a copy of the dossier, please write to


Pressure continues in the first quarter of 2017

Curated by UNPAC’s Market Observatory

Following the raising prices registered in the last quarter of 2016, the first quarter of 2017 recorded significant increases in the prices of major commodities. Economic trends reported an increase in Euro prices for all the product categories that were analysed, yet showing quite a varied picture...Read More

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